Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Ceratopsian Guard Action Figure

Boss Fight Studios

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Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Ceratopsian Guard Action Figure

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Hunting criminals in packs, the guards are relentless. Anger grows in the city, but the guards are armed with the finest and most powerful tools available, and none have tried to rise against them... yet. This Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Ceratopsian Guard 1:12 Scale Action Figure is outfitted handsomely with 1x spear, 1x blaster pistol, 1x knife, 2x smoke grenades, gas mask, and armor. Measures approximately 6-inches tall.

Handpicked by the leader of the Ceratopsian tribe, members of the Ceratops Guard pledge absolute loyalty to their leader. For generations they have policed the lands, ensuring the strict rules are obeyed by the powerless. After their former captain Triax Skiver fled with the valuable contents from the vaults, they pursued relentlessly until the trail went cold. Angry at their inability to capture one they thought they knew; they doubled their efforts to find other criminals. They arrest and punish all who dare complain about living and working conditions.