Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Triax Skiver Action Figure

Boss Fight Studios

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Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Triax Skiver Action Figure

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A world-renowned warrior, Triax Skiver uses a variety of custom ammunition in his revolver to take down his opponents! This Saurozoic Warriors Wave 1 Triax Skiver 1:12 Scale Action Figure is ready for battle with a 1x halberd axe, 2x blaster pistols, 1x knife, 2x smoke grenades, and armor. Measures approximately 6-inches tall.

Once a Ceratops Guard serving his tribal leader, Triax Skiver discovered a dark secret; his leader was hoarding knowledge and technology that could improve the lives of everyone in Sauria. Not content to just sit by, he stole as many of the forbidden plans and tools as he could carry and left the city in the dead of night. Now with a bounty on his head, unable to return home, Triax Skiver tries to stay one step ahead of those who chase him. He's heard tales of a hidden society of exiled scholars and teachers and won't rest until he finds them and brings the knowledge, he stole to help all the citizens of Sauria.