Hexa Gear Early Governor Vol 2 Model Kit


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Hexa Gear Early Governor Vol 2 Model Kit

1/24 Scale


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ETA Nov 2020


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This new set includes an Early Governor model as well as a generous supply of weapons for Hexa Gear Governor models. The parts included in the kit are universal, and are perfect for customizing any separately sold Hexa Gear Governor kits, with an abundance of parts from armor and weapons to alternate head parts. The model kit includes five newly redesigned helmet parts with a variety of unique designs.

Model kit includes:

- Early Governor body x1
- Head parts x5
- PVC hand parts x9 sets
- Standard machine gun x1
- Anti-tank rocket x1
- Standard rocket launcher x1
- Flamethrower x1
- Axe x1
- Shovel x1
- Hand grenade x1
- Walkie-talkie x1
- Bandolier waist part x1
- Archive card x1


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Size: Approx. 8cm
Accessories: See above
Packing: Carboard box
Universe: Hexa Gear
Brand: Kotobukiya
Category: Model Kit