Mythic Legions: Krotos Action Figure (Illythia Wave)

Four Horsemen

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Mythic Legions: Krotos Action Figure (Illythia Wave)

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Brimming with mysterious archaic magic and an unmatched connection to the landscape of Xylonia, The Harvest Court of Ambyrrion boasts some of the more eclectic warriors and uniquely skilled members of Xylona’s Flock. Krotos is no exception. By channeling the skill and knowledge of his ancestors, he is a powerful healer of great renown. Although often at odds with his natural tendency toward a surly demeanor and a short temper, it is Krotos’ compassion and empathy as a healer which truly define him.


Character Details

  • Faction: Xylona's Flock
  • Race: Satyr
  • Role: Healer

Toy Details

  • Released In: Illythia
  • Accessories: Magic staff, hip pouch, axe
  • Additional Heads: No



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        Universe: Mythic Legions
        Brand: Four Horsemen Studios
        Category: Action Figure